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Hello all!

Me and a group of friends from school have decided to do a collaborative art blog called Art Forge. We come from a variety of backgrounds and interests and are using it to share ideas and (hopefully) inspire others who come across it. We already made a good amount of posts and will keep trying to add more work of our own each week/month. You can follow us here: Art Forge

If you are also interested you can also follow my sketch blog here:

I plan on throwing more stuff up on my DA just so it isn't so dead and possibly do commission work to keep it active. 


I'd like to let everyone know that I will be attending Spectrum live this year and drooling over all the amazing artists that will be attending. If there is anyone that is going please come up to me and say hi! I'm really friendly! haha
Finally got a premium membership :D now I just have to keep posting more artwork.

Also, my website is in the works. I am working to get every one of my social networks to be cohesive and work together.

Follow me on my Blog/Tumblr!